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HMDA Dataset Filtering

Dataset Filtering Tool:

How do I use this tool?

Answer: The HMDA Dataset Filtering allows users to filter and download HMDA datasets. Users can select from geographic areas that they’d like to filter by. Upon selection, they can then download a CSV file that includes this geographic data, along with all 99 public data fields. If a user would like to filter data further, they can select from up to two of 11 available variables. Users can then view an aggregated summary table of the data requested and download a CSV file of the filtered data.

What years of HMDA data are available?

Answer: The HMDA Dataset Filtering contains HMDA data from the years 2018-2021. To access HMDA data from 2007-2017, visit the HMDA historic data page.

What is a CSV?

Answer: A comma-separated values (CSV) file derives its name from a file containing multiple data fields separated by commas to distinguish where each field starts and ends. Files are stored in plain text as numbers and letters with one record per line. As long as the CSV file meets row/column limits, it can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Why has the column order in the CSV file changed?

Answer: The columns of the Static and Dynamic dataset, including data available through the Data Browser, have been reordered to create logical groupings. This reordering was done to facilitate analysis in desktop spreadsheet software for files pulled from the Data Browser.

Which dataset is used by the Data Browser?

The HMDA Dataset Filtering tools (Dataset Filtering, Maps) use the latest available static dataset (Three Year, One Year, Snapshot) for the selected year. This ensures that the information being accessed is up-to-date, based on the latest data submitted by financial institutions. When new datasets are published each year, the HMDA Dataset Filtering is also updated.

If you are looking for a particular year's data, or additional documentation about the datasets, please visit the HMDA Data Publication page.

YearData Browser Source DatasetData Freeze Date
2018Three Year National Loan-Level DatasetDec 31, 2021
2019Three Year National Loan-Level DatasetDec 31, 2022
2020One Year National Loan-Level DatasetApr 30, 2022
2021One Year National Loan-Level DatasetMay 1, 2023
2022Snapshot National Loan-Level DatasetMay 1, 2023

I have a suggestion/improvement, who can I contact?

Answer: For questions/suggestions regarding the HMDA Dataset Filtering, contact

An official website of the CFPB's HMDA  v3.0.9

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