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Maps Tool:


HMDA Maps provides a way to visually analyze population-density adjusted, geographic distributions for subsets of HMDA Data. It enables side-by-side comparison of aggregated statistics for up to two popular variables. Once you have found your desired data, you can download the raw data as CSV, copy and share the page url, or save the summary report as a PDF.

What does each option mean?

YEAR: The year in which the loan was processed.Year Selector
MAP LEVEL: The geographic level at which the HMDA Data is aggregated.Level Selector
WHERE & AND: These filters allow you to narrow the selected data based on popular variables.Filters Selector

What does the map show?

The map displays the concentration of loans that match your selected filters, adjusted for population density, across the selected Geography (State or County). Darker colors indicate a higher occurrence rate in that region, while lighter colors indicate a lower occurrence rate.


The various color palettes (orange, red, purple, green, blue) are used to highlight the fact that the application uses different "bucketing" algorithms in order to display a useful level of color variation on the map, and are not indicative of any interpretation about the outcomes presented.

Maps Buckets

What do the data tables show?

The data tables show the aggregated data for the selected filter variables.

  • When only one filter is selected, you will be presented with a single table that includes a row for each option of the filter.
  • When two filters are selected, another table will be displayed for the second filter's data. Additionally, a new set of columns will be included in each table to highlight the intersection between the selected filters.
One FilterTwo Filters
Aggregate Table SingleAggregate Table Two

How can I save and share my map?

Share the URL

The URL will take the visitor directly to the map, and zoom to the selected geography. Users can then print the report, or continue to explore HMDA Data using your selections as a starting point.

Map Zoom

Save as PDF

Maps Save PDF

How can I download the raw data used to generate my report?

Maps Download Data

How do I interact with the map?

- Zoom In
- Zoom Out
- Orient North
Zoom Controls
Tab to highlight the Orient North icon, then press Enter
- pinch/scroll
- pinch/scroll
- Click Orient button
- Select a region
Click on mapNone?Click on map
- Rotate the map
Orient North buttonNone?Right-click and drag on map
- Pan the map
Left-click and dragArrow keysLeft-click and drag
- Reset the view
Reload the pageReload the pageReload the page

Report a bug

  • Please open an Issue that includes a detailed description of the issue you're experiencing, along with the URL.
  • If you are not familiar with using GitHub Issues, you can email with a description of the bug or issue.

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