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Version: 2022

2. Changes to the Submission Process for Data Collected in 2022

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2.1   Items that have changed:  

There are no significant changes to the submission process for data collected in 2022 and reported in 2023.

2.2   Items that have not changed:

The data fields to be collected and reported have not changed:

The required data fields for the 2022 data have not changed from the 2021 data collection and reporting requirements. Please refer to Regulation C, the 2018 HMDA Rule, and the Data Specification section for the 2022 requirements.

The loan/application register file format for submitting your HMDA data:

Financial institutions will submit data collected in a pipe delimited text file (.txt). Data fields will be separated by a pipe character, “|”, and will not be fixed length. Do not include leading zeros for the purpose of making a data field a specific number of characters. Additional information regarding the loan/application register file format can be found in the “Self Service Knowledge Portal” located at

Text entries in alphanumeric fields do not need to use all uppercase letters with the exception of:

  • “NA” used when the reporting requirement is not applicable;

  • Two-letter state codes;

  • A capital “E” at the beginning of any “Exempt” response.

A loan/application register formatting tool will be provided to help filers format certain data into a pipe delimited text file. This tool may be especially helpful for filers with small volumes of reported loans that do not use vendor or other software to prepare their HMDA data for submission. Information regarding the loan/application register formatting tool will be located at

The way you submit your HMDA data:

Filers will submit their HMDA data using a web interface referred to as the HMDA Platform. Information regarding the HMDA Platform can be located at:

We recommend that HMDA filers use a modern browser, such as the latest version of Google Chrome™, Mozilla® Firefox®, Internet Explorer® 11, Microsoft Edge™, or other modern browsers.

The following submission methods will not be permitted:

  • PC Diskette and CD-ROM

  • Submission via Web (from the Data Entry Software (DES))

  • E-mail to HMDASUB@FRB.GOV

  • Paper Submissions

The process by which you validate the edit report:

Financial institutions must address all edits prior to submitting their HMDA data. In contrast to the previous process for filing data with the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), all edits must now be addressed prior to filing HMDA data with the Bureau in order to complete the submission process.

The edit report will be web-based:

  • Edit reports will not be e-mailed to filers in PDF format. Instead, the Bureau edit reports will be viewed and can be downloaded from the HMDA Platform.

  • Responses to the edits will not be faxed or e-mailed to the Bureau. The HMDA Platform will guide filers through the process of addressing edits. 

The agency with which you file resubmissions of your HMDA data:

A resubmission means that you have already filed your HMDA submission and received a confirmation receipt, but you are submitting again for the same filing year.

Beginning with data collected in 2017, filers will resubmit their HMDA data to the Bureau.   

The Officer Certification process:

As part of the submission process, an authorized representative of your institution with knowledge of the data submitted shall certify to the accuracy and completeness of the data submitted. Filers will not fax or e-mail the signed certification.

The contact information for HMDA Help:

Technical questions about reporting HMDA data collected in or after 2017 should be directed to

Technical questions about reporting HMDA data collected in or before 2016 should be directed to

An official website of the CFPB's HMDA  v3.0.9

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