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Style Guide

The HMDA website uses the USWDS v3.0 as a foundation with the following addendums:


hmda blue

CSS: --hmda-blue
Hex: #1f498f
RGB: 31, 73, 143
CMYK: 78, 49, 0, 44

hmda blue light

CSS: --hmda-blue-light
Hex: #2360C2
RGB: 35, 96, 194
CMYK: 82, 51, 0, 24

hmda blue dark

CSS: --hmda-blue-dark
Hex: #162e51
RGB: 22, 46, 81
CMYK: 73, 43, 0, 68

hmda blue bright

CSS: --hmda-blue-bright
Hex: #3B7BE9
RGB: 59, 123, 233
CMYK: 75, 47, 0, 9

Title Headings

All Title Headings use:
Font: Source Sans Pro Bold
Color: #444444 (H1: --hmda-blue)

and the following font sizes:

H1 Title Heading (40px)

H2 Title Heading (32px)

H3 Title Heading (24px)

H4 Title Heading (20px)

H5 Title Heading (16px)
H6 Title Heading (13px)

Paragraph Text

Paragraph Text default font size should be 18px. This font size is easily readable on both small and large screens. The font color should be #5b616b

Text Links should be underlined with the following colors (assuming a white background):

Link: --hmda-blue-light
Visited: --hmda-blue
Hover: --hmda-blue-bright

An official website of the CFPB's HMDA  v3.0.9

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